The American Hydro Difference

We began over 35 years ago with the intention of starting a hydro-turbine company that was unique in the industry. Our uniqueness comes from exceptional skills in hydro-turbine and pump design and manufacturing which leads to a strong focus around the concept of “total service. “

The American Hydro promise of “total service” is the foundation of our company and is found in every step of our process from sales to commissioning. Our team of dedicated employees utilizes their extensive knowledge and experience to ensure your project meets your expectations.

At American Hydro, we love what we do. We maintain great pride and enthusiasm for each relationship we forge with our customers. These valued alliances are at the core of how our business has continued to grow and succeed.

Our Vision

At American Hydro, we understand that turbines are the heart of the power plant. Hydro turbines need to work efficiently and they need to last. We are committed to the future of our customers and that of the hydropower industry by continuing to provide the best products and services on the market. And we are dedicated to the safety of our customers and our employees every day.  Every customer has a unique set of technical challenges that require creative solutions to achieve increased reliability and revenue. We accomplish this task with every project we undertake by leading the industry in hydropower technology analytics, superior engineering designs and intelligent project management techniques.

American Hydro is proud to have built and refurbished hundreds of hydro turbines throughout the world. We strive to continue providing our services on a global level and want to welcome any new customers to the American Hydro family and thank our established customers for the support and sense of community that we have created together. We don’t just build turbines; we build relationships based on trust.


American Hydro is a company steeped in the tradition of hydropower. We honor the history of the industry and we work diligently to build upon it, continually striving for increased turbine performance, reliability, and revenue for our customers. For over 30 years, American Hydro has been a leader in the hydroelectric industry for our designs, manufacturing, upgrading and servicing of high performance hydro turbines, pump turbines and large pumps.

American Hydro was founded in 1986 by four engineers who recognized that the hydropower industry lacked a manufacturer who specialized in the upgrade and rehabilitation of turbines and turbine components.  American Hydro was the perfect solution to fill the void.

By introducing the concept of “The Service Company” to the hydropower industry, as well as providing unparalleled upgrades using cutting-edge technology and proprietary computer based design, American Hydro found immediate success in not only resolving complex turbine issues, but  in dramatically improving turbine power, efficiency and resistance to cavitation.. This success is in no small part due to our original team of engineers who revolutionized the industry with their advanced computer design and analysis software. Today we continue to provide high-performance hydro turbine designs through advanced technology, just as we did 30 years ago.

Markets We Serve

Since 1986, American Hydro has offered custom hydropower solutions and turbine services to North America, Europe, Latin America and select locations throughout the world. Whether you’re an independently-owned power producer, a public utility, or a government organization, American Hydro can help you obtain more power and efficiency from your turbines. We build some of the best hydraulic turbines, pump turbines and large pumps in the world, as well as offer custom solutions in upgrading and rehabilitating your units, which will significantly improve performance and extending the life of the units.

As “The Service Company,” American Hydro offers a broad range of services to the hydropower industry including full service modernization and new turbine equipment, engineering design and analysis, turbine upgrades and rehabilitation, field service and testing, field machining, and commissioning.

Our customers are important to us. We focus on establishing lasting relationships that extend well beyond the commissioning of your hydro turbine units. Not only do we offer whole solutions for your hydropower needs, American Hydro provides expertise in everything from the conceptual design of a project to the operation and maintenance of your power station. We also provide knowledgeable after-sales support. Whatever your hydropower needs, we stand ready to serve you.

American Hydro continues to pioneer the hydropower industry with our experience and ever-advancing technology. We are proud to be a leader in the hydropower industry having provided hundreds of upgraded machines that we’ve designed, manufactured and installed all over the world. When you choose American Hydro, you’re not only receiving a high-quality product, but a team of professionals that will support you every step of the way.

Our People Make the Difference

With experienced regional sales representatives who are available to support you and provide you with face-to-face contact and support your need in the development and execution of your project.

Our team of engineers provide experience, creative solutions, cutting edge software and accessibility to every level of our organization. The proposal development team works to understand your needs and wants both technically and commercially to support your budget development as well as formal proposal and final contract negotiation.

Our project managers possess a blend of talent, product knowledge, experience and management skills that support your project toward complete success. We have project managers located at our manufacturing facility in York, PA, USA which allows them to have hands on knowledge of every stage of development, ensuring the job is on budget and on time.

Our Management Team

Jason Heilman
Vice President, Sales & Marketing

Scott Chronister
Vice President, Operations

Joe Druck
Vice President, Engineering & Quality

Joe Messersmith
Vice President, Field Service & Project Management

Jim Eveler
Vice President, Finance

Another difference that sets American Hydro apart from other major turbine manufacturers is our ability to design, build and manufacture and install most turbine components in-house. With our computer driven hot-forming and numerical machining techniques, we can shape hot material into very complex shapes giving us endless possibilities in fabricating a variety of turbine parts. This gives us the ability to control the supply chain resulting in a faster, more cost-conscious project; a win-win for both us and our clients.

American Hydro has an extensive staff of trained and experienced field service representatives to oversee the installation, maintenance and repair of any of your turbine needs. From diagnosis of operational issues to installation of complete new units, we are there to help. In addition, American Hydro has developed a training program to educate the next generation of field service representatives to support your needs today and in the future.

American Hydro takes full responsibility for every aspect of the project life cycle from initial concept, design, manufacturing, install and servicing. With us, you have a team of professionals here to help for the entirety of the project and beyond. Our relationship with our customers doesn’t stop once the turbine starts to generate power. If you should need any assistance or field servicing for your turbine at any point, you have a service partner in us day or night. We offer the best service possible and an exceptional product that generates at peak levels for decades.